The Walk of Hope is now a Major Documentary Series

Join four diverse travellers on their mission to raise hope.  It’s a journey that covers the two thousand plus kilometres from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island, step by step.

The walkers are unfunded, their trek largely unplanned.  Could a walk of hope be anything else?  That means they’re relying on New Zealanders everywhere for a meal and a place to stay – hoping against hope that they will find a welcoming smile around the next corner.

So what happens when four tired hope walkers turn up at a hostel at 8pm, unable to pay?  Or a restaurant, needing to eat?  Or a home, with nowhere to go?

It’s the people who answered those questions who feature in the documentary, candidly sharing the story of their lives in impromptu interviews that capture the heart of who they are. 

Part reality show, part documentary, full of hope and the unique character that epitomises what it truly means to be a New Zealander, it’s a truly unique viewing experience.

Join us on the journey...

Footprints of Hope, Faces of New Zealand